Al Namany Trading is a leading company in the field of trade, import, and contracting in the Republic of Yemen. Our activities are concentrated in the field of electricity, cables, UPS systems, batteries, transformers, communications, contracting, supplies, logistics, and transportation. Since our inception, we have been committed to staying up-to-date with global technology developments. We have consistently strived to be at the forefront of companies supplying the latest products to the Yemeni market. We continue our operations with a serious determination to develop and expand by focusing on continuous growth and innovation.
We have paid special attention to the development of the renewable energy market in Yemen. To this end, we have established a special sector to provide renewable energy solutions, implement projects with high efficiency, and supply the best renewable energy products.
This has contributed effectively to the development of the solar energy market in Yemen and has strengthened our position as a leader in solar energy solutions and products in the Yemeni market. We invest our expertise to provide the best services to our valued customers. This has earned us the trust of our customers and competitors.


The leader in providing the best technology and energy products and services renewable resources that meet the needs of society, and contribute to Global transition to the era of energy sufficiency Renewable to preserve the environment Hygienic and clean


Our mission is to support consumers and customers by providing everything new It is useful in the world of modern technology and innovative technologies Educating the community about everything related to the use of alternative energy, and its preference Its use is economic, environmental and spirit enhancing Competition in the solar energy market in order to provide the best .prices for consumers and make them accessible to everyone


to excel
We seek professional excellence through من Highest personal integrity
We promote trust, honesty, and open communication with our clients; We say what we mean, and we mean what we say Communicate We embrace the idea of ​​giving back. We encourage Our advisors to be active in their communities local, and we support their charitable endeavours
Commitment We strive to exceed expectations Our customers with dedication, focus and passion We work as one team We are committed to harnessing the power of insight world class to bring exceptional expertise to every mission

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